Writing, paranoia, suicide and medical cannabis


I am currently working on a project trying to write a short story about a revolution with its genisis in Glasgow.

I believe my short story will be a blue print for a real revolution set in our universe and this is where the paranoia rears its bastard head, the establishment have no mercy in the assassination of those who are a danger to it and as I already have been burdened with suicide thoughts and associated pish since I can remember, would make me an easy victim.

Now here is where the medical cannabis comes in. When am feeling like this which is a lot of the time, especially being out, well two medical joints in quick succession does help as I give not one fuck and make my way home with the only fear being a whitey.

Note to readers

Had to debark from a bus last year one such day to empty my stomach via my nose in a violent whitey, all while the bus people watched. Flagged doon a fast back home but driver had seem the pile of medical cannabis induced vomit and said nit today sunshine. Gave him the vicky as he drove away.


The picture Translates.

death to the bourgeois