Educate, Agitate, and medical cannabis.. Ate


Veranda HQ

Quality Boiling tea Via nambarry

Music therapy from Sleaford mods, job seeker

Medical cannabis for chronic depression from Arden

I could never have went out tonght without Donna and /using no taxis without my good lady friend Mary Jane….a cruel fucking mistress she can be.

In the time before I started using medical quality cannabis for my depression, a depression I have suffered from since childhood, was not a nice place.

The times I have been without access or cash for quality medical cannabis, is time spent in the fetus position under the covers until society comes to a halt at night times with minimal human contact, not even grandkids cuddles will dent the snowballing thoughts

I wish I could close ma eyes and it all go away. There are times when even medical cannabis will not work and I need to be unconscious at these times, mostly via medical cannabis as I ain’t allowed sleeping pills any more.

The effect from Smoking has an instant effect, far to long to explain tonght. However without it, I don’t like thinking about that.

The end.