Suicide. You never know the fucking time or place.


I have an idea that I believe will bring a smile to those we leave behind for years and years to come.

Not just for those with the everyday battle against taking your life but everyone.

The idea.

We all die and sadly some of us will leave without our daughters, sons and or grandchildren remembering the time spent with them as babies through to the age we start to have the ability to keep and recall these memories.

I plan to buy birthday cards and other assorted cards for all accosssions I will miss, for every grandkid and son and daughters special days I will miss.

Get them done and put aside. When we go a trusted family member hands them out when birthdaus and such come up.

A personal greeting from a grandad with a wee added photo, beyond the grave.

could be a wee app but would nit be very personal.