When is an anti racist not a anti racist ?


Stand up to Racism SUTR are finished as a movement of mass anti racists and their SWP collaborators stained by allowing and supporting known racists on an anti racist march, this will never be forgotten.   The attendance was pathetic, the fact they had to drive supporters in speaks volumes, even given the the weather, the people who had gathered in their thousands in the past now shunned the march.

The reason is simple, you cannot have fucking racists on an anti racist march. End of.


Those scare mongers and liars and that told you it was about this or that or that violence would breaks out where proved wrong, t that’s not to say that every person that joined the march with the friends of racist apartheid Israeli did not merit a roughly pinched cheek and told not to be a silly mixed up anti racists again.

The claims beforehand of the Zionists feeling threatened had brought police Scotland out in force, the fists, batons and hoofs were ready to be deployed and our faces their to be smashed all on the orders of the Scottish government



At various points today people crossed over to our side, the side that will not tolerant any racism including anti semitisim in their ranks or on their marches. The fire brigade Union crossed over and then sadly went on the march.

Now that we all came together against an injustice on our city streets, I now implore you  to come together to face the Zionists on Buchanan streets once a month in force.



At present Ishaq and others who I apologise in advance for forgetting your names bang on with the message every Saturday. a large gathering every mouth is surely possible.  Lets drown out the propaganda machine of the  apartheid Israel on our streets. That’s exactly where the propaganda comes from, the Glasgow friends of Israel are but the mouthpiece.

I want to see days like last year when we went down and showed the Glasgow people and the visitors to our city that we will not tolerate racists on our streets spouting their propaganda While intimidating Palestine supporters without recourse.  Lets have more street art aimed at shock,  hand out BDS info , hand out wee Palestine flags. This comrades must be within our grasps, unity  is our strength.

I have a few ideas for  street art. Lets make that monthly demo a reality. Now is the time to move forward comrades, now is our time to fight.