My name is George, the creator with the fucked brain behind LegallyMad Ideas. I have two main ideas that will take the game world by storm, however scattered around the blogs will be other ideas that come my way when the brains not being a complete prick.

I have an original Board game and App game idea.

The App game, name must remain secret at the moment.

Game play is to die for, so simple and extraordinarily addictive, it will come with a health warning . Add in euphoric celebration to one of utter dejection in a nano second and back again. Watch your family , friends, and workmates scream with delight and or total elation, time and time again.

Lights Camera Action , My original board game idea has a professional prototype and its own page.

I had 700 who have shown intent to pledge when I have the Kickstarter Account up and running. Before running out of cash my website legallymadideas.com had 100,000 unique visitors bringing just over 650 pledges of support.

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  1. june nicolson September 23, 2018 / 5:24 pm

    maybe only a few people this 1st week but watching their tactics yesterday .ill b hanging out with you nxt sat .bravo comrade

    Liked by 1 person

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