When is an anti racist not a anti racist ?


Stand up to Racism SUTR are finished as a movement of mass anti racists and their SWP collaborators stained by allowing and supporting known racists on an anti racist march, this will never be forgotten.   The attendance was pathetic, the fact they had to drive supporters in speaks volumes, even given the the weather, the people who had gathered in their thousands in the past now shunned the march.

The reason is simple, you cannot have fucking racists on an anti racist march. End of.


Those scare mongers and liars and that told you it was about this or that or that violence would breaks out where proved wrong, t that’s not to say that every person that joined the march with the friends of racist apartheid Israeli did not merit a roughly pinched cheek and told not to be a silly mixed up anti racists again.

The claims beforehand of the Zionists feeling threatened had brought police Scotland out in force, the fists, batons and hoofs were ready to be deployed and our faces their to be smashed all on the orders of the Scottish government



At various points today people crossed over to our side, the side that will not tolerant any racism including anti semitisim in their ranks or on their marches. The fire brigade Union crossed over and then sadly went on the march.

Now that we all came together against an injustice on our city streets, I now implore you  to come together to face the Zionists on Buchanan streets once a month in force.



At present Ishaq and others who I apologise in advance for forgetting your names bang on with the message every Saturday. a large gathering every mouth is surely possible.  Lets drown out the propaganda machine of the  apartheid Israel on our streets. That’s exactly where the propaganda comes from, the Glasgow friends of Israel are but the mouthpiece.

I want to see days like last year when we went down and showed the Glasgow people and the visitors to our city that we will not tolerate racists on our streets spouting their propaganda While intimidating Palestine supporters without recourse.  Lets have more street art aimed at shock,  hand out BDS info , hand out wee Palestine flags. This comrades must be within our grasps, unity  is our strength.

I have a few ideas for  street art. Lets make that monthly demo a reality. Now is the time to move forward comrades, now is our time to fight.





Suicide. You never know the fucking time or place.


I have an idea that I believe will bring a smile to those we leave behind for years and years to come.

Not just for those with the everyday battle against taking your life but everyone.

The idea.

We all die and sadly some of us will leave without our daughters, sons and or grandchildren remembering the time spent with them as babies through to the age we start to have the ability to keep and recall these memories.

I plan to buy birthday cards and other assorted cards for all accosssions I will miss, for every grandkid and son and daughters special days I will miss.

Get them done and put aside. When we go a trusted family member hands them out when birthdaus and such come up.

A personal greeting from a grandad with a wee added photo, beyond the grave.

could be a wee app but would nit be very personal.

Glasgows racist friends of apartheid Israel

My fellow humans, of a sort.

The pic you see is of the children executed by the cowardly snipers of the Israeli defence force.

I asked you in front of the Glasgow public to join me in one minute of applause in memory of those children who’s lifes were cut short by your cowardly IDF and you stood there laughing

Every single child posed no danger to your security or the danger of your occupation forces. You brutally detained over seven hundred children every year, so you know how to deal with children without executing  them ,however you still target and execute on order.

Shame on you all.






Glasgow’s shame


By George Graham

NEW 9766354678I am writing as there is a cancer on our most famous of Glasgow streets comrades. Every Saturday the Zionist friends of Israel spout their propaganda t the people of Glasgow and visitors to our city. They fly both Israeli and Palestine flags to give the impression that they support the people of Palestine. Glasgow friends of Israel are not pro Palestine, they use the word to disguise their true agenda of spouting apartheid Israeli propaganda.


FB_IMG_1534120662703 (1)As you read this, please keep asking yourself one question, would you have stood and tolerated a friends of South African apartheid on our streets, without a full time prescience to combat their vile filth, we all know that answer comrades so why do we sit meekly by. Can we call ourselves anti-racist while this genocide goes on in Palestine and its agents openly operate in our city without a response ? We should all be fucking ashamed of ourselves, however, all is not lost, we can redeem our cities good name for showing solidarity with those oppressed people of the world.


IMG_20180912_183129The fightback starts here comrades. When I first mooted the idea on a facebook group, I received a visit from two plain clothes police officers to warm me that I was stoking the fires of hatred and that my actions could possibly lead to violence and my arrest, even for the crimes of others that would attend any proposed stall. Of course I shat it for five minutes, until I relaxed with a quality mug of boiling tea and a medical cannabis cigarette in my veranda HQ. They also stated I was smelling of cannabis and my home was reeking and they had grounds to search my home, being good guys they were not interested in that, but the raiding of my home was always a possibility was the implied threat. I told then I use medical cannabis to combat chronic depression and that I have no problems facing the courts for my personal use. I will now expect another visit.

_20180916_000949Let me give you a quick history of the friends of Israel from my own perspective so far in Glasgow. I never knew they had a stall until my first day on the streets with Glasgow frfi, it was pointed out to me that we were being photographed by two pricks from the vile friends of Israel stall. I was told they do this with all the pro Palestine groups. There, across the road was this prick and his big fat baldy bastard of a pal, being a mouthy Glaswegian I directed their view to my outstretched middle finger. His name is Sammy stein and his sidekick name is big fat baldy bastard.

new7767676This is fucking Glasgow comrades, home of the red clydesiders, our city has a radical history of supporting the oppressed people of this world. We don’t let ourselves or our comrades be intimidated without a response in kind.

This is Glasgow, in 1919 the army was deployed in the streets of Glasgow as the establishment feared the Black Friday protest was the beginning of a revolt.

This is Glasgow, a city that had volunteers bravely going to join the international brigade to fight the fascists, La Passionaria monument on the Clyde was unveiled to celebrate those Glaswegians who fought Franco

This is Glasgow, in 1974, workers grounded the Chilean air force in an act of solidarity with the victims of the Sept. 11th Coup.

Glasgow, in 1986 was the first place in the world to offer Mandela ‘The Freedom of the City’,

This is Glasgow, where Scottish Bolshevik, Schoolteacher, and Redclydesider, John Maclean lived and died a fucking hero

This is Glasgow comrades, in 2003 up to 100,000 marched through Glasgow to oppose the invasion of Iraq.


It is now time to stand up as Glaswegians and anti-racists comrades, for the people of Palestine and the good name of our city.

new8978565The Palestinian people look to Glasgow as one of their greatest friends, from the work done by the fans of Glasgow Celtic, to other groups like our comrades from west Dunbartonshire supports the people of Palestine. who sponsor a wide range of activities to aid, support as well as the  group that gave us the wall, which we kept the vile Zionists behind during their attempt to march with the main contingent of Glasgow proud anti-racist march. We all know who were to blame for the shameful invite.

wall111Here on our fucking streets we don’t just have a vile stall spouting Zionist propaganda to our people and our visitors, we have them trying to intimidate us and we sit on our fucking arses , to just meekly except this is a not a Glaswegian trait and to be honest, it is shameful.

Imagine those great names from our cities history turning in their fucking graves. We must put aside our differences, stop the in house sectarianism that I have witnessed myself between groups and focus our efforts to metaphorically wipe this fucking stain from our city. I understand it’s their democratic right to have a stall. Just as it is, not just our democratic right to counter their filth, it’s our duty as anti-racists and Glaswegians. I shall also put aside my differences with others to bring about this permanent presence to counter the Zionist filth.

FB_IMG_1532999604303While a supporter of the RCG I had suggested that we use direct action to protest their stall. Those groups and supporters who had assembled at a protest called by another pro Palestine group in Buchanan Street to show solidarity while the people of Palestine had stayed on to listen to the RCG   agreed that our speaker would use our own megaphone to address those assembled if the group did not get speaking rights, Dominic of the RCG Glasgow spoke to those and asked for a show of hands enough were raised, we all agreed to march down singing and have a sit down. This is what can be achieved.

It was the first time and everyone agreed to do the same again next week. After another successful protest this time with added street art, it was decided that we would protest them again at our choosing at a time to be set in the near future.

The second and third protests were rolling pickets where we stopped at banks and shops that supported and invested in Israel before making our way to the vile stall. Now a heavy police presence awaited us. I had asked the Glasgow RCG to again bring up my thoughts on having a permanent presence with the support and solidarity of other groups. There has been no further protests and I am no longer with the RCG.

FB_IMG_1535392490413I want to share what I believe is the right course of action in bringing an end to the racist apartheid friends of Israel stall in our city, if not an end, at least a continued presence at their stall every week to combat their propaganda

I propose to let the Glasgow public and visitors know exactly what the friends of Israel stand for and it’s not for the rights of the Palestinian community, murdered on a daily basis.

Each week we will tell the Glasgow public of the latest brutality. I have a comrade who can pronounce the name of each murdered child in 2018 as we hand out the leaflet.

We will be handing out this leaflet (above), one that targets the murder of children by snipers. As the Glasgow shopping public is constantly moving, it will be fine to repeat our facts, every fifteen minutes or so. The murder of children will have the public take notice, especially as we hand out our leaflets as a fellow comrade reads out the names of the murdered children. I will ask the passing public to stop and ask them, do they condone the murder of innocent children, disabled people, doctors and nurses.

I will be quoting famous people who support the cause of Palestine.

We will talk of the young Palestine football players shot in the legs, never to play again.

We must bring forth the worst of the brutal apartheid regime to the Glasgow public via pictures. I will be asking groups, individuals and the public to donate to allow printing for a different hard hitting leaflet each week, here is my planned second weeks leaflet when the full time protest starts.


There will be an open mic provided, I don’t care if we don’t agree on other left wing politics, we are there for the people of Palestine and the good name of our city

I had started to take messages of support from comrades that could not make it and around the world on social media to the people of Palestine to read out to the Glasgow public.

I will be contacting any famous pro Palestine Glaswegians to see if they would like to have a message read out in support of our noble cause comrades.


Comrades, as my megaphone has been delivered, there is no time like the present. This Saturday at 1pm, I will be there to let the Zionists know that that we will be joining them from the time they arrive to the time they leave. This is not the first of the proposed permanent Saturday protest, more of an introduction. I

There will be rules to follow.

We will have peaceful protest

Do not talk to the Zionists

No confrontations from us

We are there to inform the people of Glasgow and the visitors to our city of what they really mean.

I have a sheet called street deceit, produced by Palestine group who name escapes me. These facts and others will be my first rants.

I hope fellow comrades will join me on Saturday, just one hour, let’s turn the tables, let them know were coming and we are not going away.

I am calling on all interested groups and individuals to come aboard, make this a reality comrades. Bring your stalls, sell your papers, lend the people of palestine your voice


I Hope to see a few faces comrades, however, if no one turns Up I will be going ahead.

George Graham

Educate, Agitate, and medical cannabis.. Ate


Veranda HQ

Quality Boiling tea Via nambarry

Music therapy from Sleaford mods, job seeker

Medical cannabis for chronic depression from Arden

I could never have went out tonght without Donna and /using no taxis without my good lady friend Mary Jane….a cruel fucking mistress she can be.

In the time before I started using medical quality cannabis for my depression, a depression I have suffered from since childhood, was not a nice place.

The times I have been without access or cash for quality medical cannabis, is time spent in the fetus position under the covers until society comes to a halt at night times with minimal human contact, not even grandkids cuddles will dent the snowballing thoughts

I wish I could close ma eyes and it all go away. There are times when even medical cannabis will not work and I need to be unconscious at these times, mostly via medical cannabis as I ain’t allowed sleeping pills any more.

The effect from Smoking has an instant effect, far to long to explain tonght. However without it, I don’t like thinking about that.

The end.

Writing, paranoia, suicide and medical cannabis


I am currently working on a project trying to write a short story about a revolution with its genisis in Glasgow.

I believe my short story will be a blue print for a real revolution set in our universe and this is where the paranoia rears its bastard head, the establishment have no mercy in the assassination of those who are a danger to it and as I already have been burdened with suicide thoughts and associated pish since I can remember, would make me an easy victim.

Now here is where the medical cannabis comes in. When am feeling like this which is a lot of the time, especially being out, well two medical joints in quick succession does help as I give not one fuck and make my way home with the only fear being a whitey.

Note to readers

Had to debark from a bus last year one such day to empty my stomach via my nose in a violent whitey, all while the bus people watched. Flagged doon a fast back home but driver had seem the pile of medical cannabis induced vomit and said nit today sunshine. Gave him the vicky as he drove away.


The picture Translates.

death to the bourgeois

When will I fucking learn

It’s the third day back on my tablets for obsessive thoughts, the couple of days without them or the sudden withdrawal from my dosage to nothing gave me a hard time.

It took a couple of days and Donna to once again tell me its the tablets that make the thoughts not snowball your thoughts process.

Music therapy, medical cannabis and pish mental health

Sitting here in the veranda, boiling tea just poured with a few pre rolled medical cannabis joints I can now see that music therapy played a large part in keeping me alive in my teen years, early adult years and to this day.

I won’t be trying to explain how some music can and does have a positive effect as I don’t have a clue but for some reason they do and thank fuck for that.

my earliest memories of music making me feel good was the album never mind the bollocks, I stayed in until I new every word of every song, Knew every string and drum beat, every bastard wee magical musical pause.

Sadly the help that comes via blasting music while dancing and singing to any track is short lived, unless you keep the pace it falls away and it’s fucking knackering, physically and mentally.

That first playing or singing of anarchy in the UK when I was around eleven or twelve to the last time I listened still get the same first time buzz you get when you instinctively on yer feet to dance and you can’t get it the bastard thing loud enough.

A few yeRs later, the power of music therapy helped me write my first and only novel. well I had just finished the research stage, the character and plot planning that I had learned at mitchell street library, the only place I could get a hold of a book called How to write a novel. There was no web access back then. anyways, I wrote about a covert government black ops unit that had existed during WW2 and then disbanded, I brought them back to life for my novel.

The book was about the total annihilation of the provisional Irish republican army, a shoot to kill policy like no other. I could not write without listening to never mind the bollocks.

I had great plans on what to spend the cash I would make when it got published but sadly the police took all my writings on the plot, characters, their names, their full bios, I had made uP full fictional characters lives.

The police were up searching my wee brothers room for shoes, cash and a large machete, they found my novels preparation and had a quick look, there eyebrows raised and they asked a series of questions did not like my explanation or nervous laughter, nor did betty graham mum of three, she was present at search of room.

Andy, my young criminal brother started to taunt the police as they found nothing on him with a mouthful of expletives that made betty look horrified, after he told the male officers to come ” suck ma dick ya dodder” with gestures did betty graham go an instant bright red, I burst out laughing and betty graham flew for me , over Andrews single bed, I was now between two fascist nazi police officers as she screamed at her non criminal son ” BOOK YA CUNT, I’LL GIVE YOU BOOK”and got a slap in before she regained her poise, excellent parenting their betty, however thinking back I understand how she may have lost the plot that day, see, our dad was a bigoted loyalist, we always had families or ulster lads up staying, every other saturday or marching season , so when the police read out a bit and it contained the details of loyalist assassins , IRA targets and such , she might have thought I had got myself involved with my Dads loyalist trips to Ulster. Never got my book back and my brother lost a pair of trainers.

In my growing age I know use medical cannabis as a tool to fight depression, anxiety and the fear of the celtic winning ten in a row