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I have found myself in the situation of having a real chance of having far much more money than I will ever need or want due to my original app game or board game ideas.

As the game is Scottish themed it will be set against musical background of the bagpipes, I have written to the  musician who owns the rights and he sounds more than happy, lot more news to follow soon. To blow my own trumpet comrades , he actually said , that’s the funniest, most enjoyable email he had read in years .


it’s not the profit but what you do with that profit.

I give you the Legally MadIFESTO

The aim of this is primary to give legality to my wishes to where my cash will go in the event of my death. I firmly believe my games with be the next big things and the profits will be for social good, the loyal pledges and their communities.

At the time of writing I am of sound mind and health.

I have a game that given your support will smash all records, below I have set out what will happen to those profits

The priority will always be the 10,000 visionary pledges that have believed in me enough to have pledged their £5, to you I say Bravo. I will not make you mega rich but gone are the days of struggling by, on a day to day basis, Most years without a holiday, Just having paid off Christmas for Christmas to be just round the corner again. The benefits go on for pledges to LegallyMad Ideas.

When I succeed, we all succeed

As money comes in, that and any interest accumulated will be targeted at the groups mentioned. LegallyMad Ideas wants the money targeted and distributed ASAP, not sitting in banks.

LegallyMad Ideas will hire no accountants for the purpose of finding legal or illegal ways to avoid paying the share of the profits generated. Be it 50% , 60% or even 70% LegallyMad Ideas will pay its full share.

I have lived a life on low pay and benefits at times due to my chronic eczema and or mental health. We have not had an easy life , especially the time when my mental health has fucked things up, however, were all still here and mostly happy and having a small share in the worlds next biggest game, in a trillion dollar world market will give us more money than we will have ever have had and a nice house, Donna will get her big kitchen and I will have a lifetime supply of medical weed.

The benefits of gifting LegallyMad Ideas your five pound pledge

My plans below are based on sharing each million pound made as follows.

50% to pledges as set out below.

The first million to share will give each pledge a gift of £50

After the initial gift, the 50% share will go into a pot to be used when each pledge puts in a request. This pool of cash will accumulate and gain interest, this will provide a fund to give you all a fantastic gift time and time again as the more people play.

5% to local groups, as set out below

Fifty community based projects will receive £1,000. For example, free Christmas dinner for the elderly in your community at a local restaurant. Only those that have pledged can nominate a group and only from your own community can groups come from.

No money can be used for outings to zoo’s for kids, Animals being displayed for human entertainment is a disgrace and I will have no part in it.

No gifts or donation to the main charities that spend millions upon millions on Advertising. All have millions sitting in their accounts doing nothing while paying their head CEO a quarter of s million. Local charities only.

5% to new startups . when our game succeeds , our children succeed

£50,000 will be split two  ways. That will be two gifts of £25,000 from every million pounds of profit to  people from within our own communities for new start ups. This could be a young person finishing his/her apprenticeships wishing to start up on their own or a nominated local small business with to upgrade machinery or other projects. Only the visionary people that pledged can nominate from within their own family or friends. A gift from me to you for my eternal gratitude.

LegallyMad Ideas will never take a share of your profit from your growing business for our investment gift.

15% for  groups around the planet to help the oppressed of the world.

5% to be spent buying event tickets at all of the top acts and sporting matches in the British Isles football grounds to give our pledges and their families.

10% fighting homelessness, more to follow

10% Would go to guaranteeing my good self, my best friend and wife Donna, my children and their childrens children never have to decide between heating or food or to never face homeless.

LegallyMad Ideas will never put the profits of our game into creating more wealth via stocks, shares. The games very addictive with original game play. Any add future add ons will bring about help to working class families and their communities around the world.

It won’t take long for everyone of you lovely people to be gifted time and time again. Remember we have an original game idea in a trillion dollar market. However I must stress that without you, the people and without your trust and belief it will be back to the drawing board. I am extremely positive of receiving the right reaction.

Now keep in mind that Angry birds and candy crush has made its owners more than a billion dollars, I can assure you that our  game will be in a  perfect position to compete; it is original, fun to play, infuriatingly addictive .It will have to come with a warning,  game play that will take you from a state of elation to one of utter despair.

I shall be trying very hard to bring you all a YouTube video plea, my first attempt did not go to well.

Thank you


LegallyMad Ideas

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