Lights, Camera, Action



Mornings, afternoons or evenings from Glasgow Scotland. I invented a board game more than ten years ago, a game so family friendly that there would be no fights, arguments, board being kicked in the air, dice swallowed, monopoly money being set on fire, general bad losers or generally just being a moody teenagaer. There is only room for laughter with Lights Camera Action.

It was show at the new york international toy and game fair , sadly, it was doomed as the people who were showing it added an unwanted element, to my fucking disgust, in one bastard swoop, the games ethos was away to fuck. I did not resign a proposed contact and it still sits in my cupboard awaiting funding.

I plan on crowdfunding to have it made and sold via myself to cut out middle man and have more profit to share around. If after reading this wee page and you would consider buying such a family board game ,then please let me know.

I want to share the riches before I am old, frail , the brain wins and/or the kids rob me blind.

IMAG1364_1I came up with the original idea while being a guest at the local psychiatric ward some years ago. As a parent and grandparent I can say that Lights, camera, action is the game to have in the house if its laughs and a good family night you’re after.

People don’t want to play games that they constantly lose at. Lights camera action has a twist at the end, meaning that anyone can win, anyone ( I now see trivial pursuits coming out with a game that the whole families can play without intelligence and general knowledge winning 9.99099/10 times ) well I had the very idea for my own fun family game 20 years ago.

In my own tests when we played at home our dog Harry (now deceased) won once, we moved his game piece, he never once answered a question right, was not great at joining in with the auditions apart from when he got a lucky audition card which said , do a wolf like impression. Anyone can and will win and you don’t know who until the end.

I have a board game that gives an equal chance to win every time its played, there is loads of laughter, it’s fun ,the questions are true or false making it a 50 /50 chance of you getting it right.

IMAG1361Everybody loves to win; you keep LCA competitive right till the final minute of play every single time you play the hilarious new board game, the world funniest family board game.


4 thoughts on “Lights, Camera, Action

  1. Billy December 21, 2015 / 10:28 am

    Brilluant idea george . Hope u get this up and running as soon as . Sounds like the perfect family game .

    Liked by 1 person

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