The Professor

Legally Mad Ideas being positive about mental health and sexuality

Graphics of the Professor are being brought to life as we speak by a professional artist I met via Twitter. As soon as we have the finished drawings I will start the account with one of the leading crowdfunding sites, As this stage nears, the butterflies increase in my stomach by a factor of ten to the power of a googolplex

My game will bring one or two firsts to the world of gaming , of course I can’t tell you about the game play as yet or even the name of the game, however let me give one of my games firsts.

Not only will the game give you years and years of fun, its will be a useful education tool. I decided to make the main player in my new original game a happily married gay man after the deluge of blatant homophobia via our mainstream media.

As parents we brought up our kids to think of people as humans first without any labels. As we would often say to our kids, between consenting adults Love is Love in my opinion and its my site , idea and game , so fuck off if you don’t like it, you homophobic fuck.

The Mathematics genius is the worlds first major gay playing characters, happily married and no different from me and you.

As my game will be played by all age groups from 5 to 105, it will paint a positive picture of a society without prejudice.

I am just awaiting some drawing of my main characters to bring them to life. please have patience my Legallymadsters and potential pledges

The Professors Bio

Name : Murdo McDuff

age : 31

Children: Dad to two bouncing baby Bonnie lassies

Occupation : Mathematics professor at LegallyMad IdeaS University

Marital Status: happy married for 1 year to callum

Interests : Mathematics, the Tartan army, my family and of course proving my theory correct

Social Media :

Politics : Marxist Leninist

Newspapers : Fight Racism fight Imperialism , morning star , the voice

Hobbies : In my spare time I set about proving my theory  is correct and take my place in the Scottish hall of inventor fame along side the other great Scots. Following Scotland with the tartan army and a sneaky wee medical cannabis joint every now and again

Music : SLEAFORD mODS, a bit of classical, Sex Pistols, and a bit of goth

Pets : Two Haggis named shugg and thugg

Language : Scots Gaelic mostly with English fur the sassanach, however I go back into English when medically stoned, you understand.

Fashion : Smart and professional at work, jeans or pajamas at home and kilt, boots and Scotland 1978 top when attempting to prove my theory playing

Desert island disc top 3 songs.

Were on the march way ally’s army by Andy Cameron,

Still love this tune , does not go down well at parties and social family gatherings,

click here for video

We have a dream sang by John Sinclair.

I still to this day find the hairs on the back of my neck stand, my wee heart gets faster and i am immensely proud of being Scottish

Click here for video

Turbo shandy by DAIMH

Before I start any session of proving my theory correct I always play this wee tune , it gets faster as you go further in the game, of course there’s a wee mute button for the sassanachs oot there Bonnie lassies and laddies

Click here for video

The End

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